Bulk Coloring Books: "One Big Gigantic Herd of Invisible Cosmic Zebras" (20%-40% Discount)

$88.00 $1,095.00

"One Big Gigantic Herd of Invisible Cosmic Zebras Coloring Book" is for anyone (of any age) who has an invisible illness and needs a little hope and encouragement. Inside the coloring book, loving cosmic creatures bring comforting words and invisible hugs to those living with challenging medical conditions. 

This is a companion coloring book to the "My Invisible Cosmic Zebra Has an (Invisible Illness)—Now What?" book series. 

Ordering information: The more books you order, the higher the discount you'll receive (20%-40%). Books should arrive within 7-10 business days. If you'd like to order more than 250 books, please contact Kitanie Books for a special quote. Thank you. 

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