Flying Colors

(Boca Raton Observer)
"You may be far from childhood, but it’s time to pick up the crayons once again – for your health. The latest craze sweeping the country is coloring for adults, shown to reduce stress, help you relax and boost creativity. Experts say that coloring can benefit those dealing with depression, anxiety, dementia and even PTSD. Plus, beyond the calming effect, adult coloring can help train the brain to focus and exercise fi ne motor skills. While the trend may be new, the premise isn’t: Psychiatrist Carl Jung recommended coloring to patients in the early 1900s, and doctors today continue to do so. In fact, there are coloring clubs popping up across the nation, and publishers are focusing on titles expressly for adults. One such publisher is Kitanie, whose offerings include the intricate “The Dream of the New Earth” and “The Moon Moods Collection,” which allows you to create custom patterns by filling in circles. Makes you yearn for that fresh Crayola smell, doesn’t it? Visit"